Re: [approved] Re: db and indexes not being udpated with -add

2002-10-18 10:02:56
On October 17, 2002 at 22:01, monharc(_at_)interlinx(_dot_)bc(_dot_)ca wrote:

I recommend separating the archiving from Mailman so it
can be managed separately.

How come?

It separates the administration of list software from archiving
software.  This way, list software changes will not potential break
your archives.

Maybe use a approach advocated by
mharc, <>.

Specifically, to subscribe the archiver to the list and have MHonArc
process messages as a recipient


rather than with the -add?

No.  -add is needed when doing archive updates.  mharc uses -add since
it is more efficient than regenerating an archive each time.

I have
looked at mharc only very briefly this evening because I like the look
and feel of the MHonArc list archive and was interested in duplicating
it.  But another day perhaps.  :-)

The installation process is designed to make it quick to get things
going.  However, it does depend on other packages: procmail and namazu,
which the installation process checks for.  If using Linux, procmail
is generally installed by default, and there is generally packages
(RPM, deb, for Namazu.


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