Splitting archives by month: what about long-lived threads?

2002-10-25 02:08:20
Hello again,

I now have MHonArc set up almost as I'd like with archives split
by month, just like the web archive for this list. Writing a Perl
script to present the 2002-10, 2002-09 etc. indexes is a breeze.

However, I have come across one problem I can't figure out how to
solve. Perhaps someone here has. The problem is as follows:

Threads that last from one month into the next are split. For
example, look at the "mharc newbie problem" thread in the
mhonarc-users web archive. The thread started on Sept. 26, and
the Oct. 3 post does not have links to previous posts in the
thread, because they are from a previous month.

Is there any way of making MHonArc look in several .mhonarc.db
-files to get threading across month boundaries work? Such a
feature could perhaps also be used to create a thread index,
split over multiple pages, containing all threads that has ever
existed on the list.

With large (20,000+ posts) lists where threads often cross month
boundaries, multi-month-threading support would be nice to have.


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