Re: Format=Flowed

2002-10-24 21:29:58
Earl Hood wrote:
On October 24, 2002 at 20:45, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
MHonArc seems to put only *quoted* lines that not end with a space
within <pre></pre> elements, while other such lines are displayed with
the default font.

What the code does is separate a message into chunks by "quote depth", i.e. the
number initial > signs.  Then, only if the entire chunk has no flowed lines 
does it
render it with a fixed font.  I see a big problem with your example in that 
spaces are lost in HTML, and a smaller problem that it doesn't use a fixed font.
Perhaps any paragraph (of more than one line) should be treated as fixed if all 
lines end without blanks.

By the way, one bug I noticed in the code, this line (469 in
    $$data =~ s!^</?x-flowed>\r?\n>!!mg;
should be:
    $$data =~ s!^</?x-flowed>\r?\n!!mg;
(It only affects the disk format of Eudora.)

Ken Hirsch

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