Re: Format=Flowed

2002-10-24 17:12:14
On October 24, 2002 at 20:45, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

This is an extract from RFC2646:
      Starts          Ends in
      with            One or             Line
      Quote           More Spaces        Type
      ------          -----------        ---------------
      no              no                 unquoted, fixed
      yes             no                 quoted,   fixed
      no              yes                unquoted, flowed
      yes             yes                quoted,   flowed

According to the table, a line that does not end with a space shall be 
displayed in fixed format, whether it starts with the '>' character or not.

MHonArc seems to put only *quoted* lines that not end with a space 
within <pre></pre> elements, while other such lines are displayed with 
the default font. (The 'nonfixed' argument is not set. Tested with Perl 
5.00503 freebsd and 5.6.1 MSWin32.)

Can you provide a test message that illustrates the problem?


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