Re: Format=Flowed

2002-10-25 13:29:44
On October 24, 2002 at 22:29, "Ken Hirsch" wrote:

What the code does is separate a message into chunks by "quote depth", i.e. t
number initial > signs.  Then, only if the entire chunk has no flowed lines d
oes it
render it with a fixed font.  I see a big problem with your example in that l
spaces are lost in HTML, and a smaller problem that it doesn't use a fixed fo
Perhaps any paragraph (of more than one line) should be treated as fixed if a
ll its
lines end without blanks.

I think Gunner exposes a problem with the current code.  I think he
is right that the code fragment should be in a fixed font.  It is
technically a separate paragraph, and it should not be influence by
the preceding unquoted paragraph that is flowed.

The filter code needs to be modified so that within each chunk, the
chunk is split into separate paragraph units before determining if the
data is flowed or not.


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