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2002-10-26 17:30:21
(This should probably be moved to mhonarc-dev...)

On October 26, 2002 at 17:35, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
A modified file and the CVS diff are attached to this 

Hope you agree it's an improvement.

Well, it wasn't good enough. :(  Below you find a correction of the 
modified file.

Well, I did some major mods to my working copying to fix the problem
you reported along with adding some new features.

I've just checked-in the newer version into CVS.  Feel free to
to try it out to see if it works with your data.  Here is the
CVS comment I included with the check-in:

  * BUG FIX: #1518.
  + Added "fancyquote" option to provide highlight of quoted text
    similiar to text/plain;format=flowed data.
  + Added "disableflowed" option to disable the flowed data
    conversion.  Data will be converted as regular text/plain.
  + Added "quoteclass=<classname>" option to specify a CSS classname
    to assign to BLOCKQUOTE elements added when processing flowed
    data or when "fancyquote" is active.  This suppresses inline
    style generation.
  o Flowed conversion fallback error handling improved so data is
    not lost.  However, the fallack code should never be reached.


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