Including multiple resource files?

2002-12-12 04:41:16
Hi all!

I've been using MHonArc for years, but only recently (after an upgrade)
done any major tweaking to the resource files we've been using at
our site. As our number of archives seems to be growing, I've found
myself wishing for an "include"-statement for resource-files, like:



The main reason for me wanting this, is that I keep reusing parts of
different rc-files, mixing them to get a final result that the owner
of a new archive is happy with. To have multiple stored parts for
configuration would make creation of new resource files a bit simpler,
and tightly related is my need to make archives in different languages,
which would benefit from the same solution.

So, is this doable today (I've been browsing the documentation and the
list-archives for a while, but haven't come up with anything appropriate)
or should this mail be filed as a feature request? :->

Best of wishes,

I just started this .edu sys admin job last week. It is fun. I am
finding all types of crazy stuff that would send most normal people
to the nut house. It is an adventure.                - Thedore Knab

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