Re: spam-proofing my mhonarc archive

2003-02-16 18:16:50
Mark Stosberg wrote:
I didn't want to just "XXXX" out the domain name, because I wanted people to be able to contact the original authors of messages.

Do the subscribers agree with you on that?

Previously I acted similarly, even if the obfuscation I applied was combined with working mailto links. However, spam is an increasing problem, and I have reconsidered that approach.

If you run a mailing list, the subscribers can use the info on the email messages to contact *each other*. But are there typically strong enough reasons to provide email addresses in a publicly available list archive? In my opinion, considering the aggressive spammers: No!

Accordingly, I have found MHonArc's spam mode conversion well fitted to its purpose.

/ Gunnar

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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