Mail body missing

2003-07-26 10:51:40

I recently tried to convert some old messages to HTML for archiving them. Now I
noticed there are some (about 20) where mhonarc doesn't put any body into the
HTML file. The headers (from, to, subject, date) are extracted, but the body is
Is this a known problem? I couldn't find anything in the archives.
The messages are not in mbox format, but simple copies of mail sources. I
couldn't see anything wrong with them. I mean: the body is defined to be
everything after the first null-line and since the headers get extracted I
don't understand what is going wrong.
I haven't recieved any error/warning messages by mhonarc and couldn't figure
out how to make it tell me more.

I'm using mhonarc 2.6.6 with *no* options specified.
I can post one (or all) of this messages if it helps.

Any help appreciated.

-- Daniel

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