Re: Beginner General Questions

2003-07-26 10:51:01
On July 26, 2003 at 14:48, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

I installed the application using 'perl' ...

I am also getting an error " did not return a true value"
when adding messages - (pass: 

Hmm.. It seems as if the script successfully fetches messages from the 
POP account, and appends them to the mbox file, but the 
updatearchive() function fails when it tries to require

Can have been corrupted at installation? "did not return a 
true value" sounds to me as if you should check that the last line of is:


Since you installed MHonArc using the file, you have 
apparently shell access. Maybe Earl has some good idea how to find out 
what causes the error.

If there is shell access, is probably not needed.

As for, from looking at, you need to make
sure $lib is set properly to insure you are getting the right
(it is possible that there may exist more than on the system).

Did perl generate any errors?

Did get corrupted?  Since mhonarc was installed via,
from the shell, what does the following command generate:

  mhonarc -v

A potential useful change to is to wrap the requiring of in an eval block:

  eval {
    require '';
  if ($@) {
    die "Unable to require '': $(_at_)\n",
        "\(_at_)INC = (\n", join("\n", @INC), ")\n";

This way the value of @INC is dumped during the error so one gets
an idea where to look for  And, if the error indicates
that was not found, then @INC can be examined to make
sure $lib was set properly.


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