RE: Beginner General Questions

2003-07-25 17:02:29

Irubin Consulting wrote:
I am currently subscribed to an email list and receive mails to an
email account. I would like to setup up an archive so I can check
the emails in a web archive (the list doesn't provide an archive).
When I installed MHonArc, I didn't see anywhere to define an email
account nor a user/password to access the account.

Can MHonArc use an email account? (I am not sure what a unix
mailbox is and the difference between the two).

Hi Roy,

You may want to have a look at a help script I wrote to make a basic
MHonArc set-up easier. It includes the option to have MHonArc fetch
the messages from a POP3 account.

The script is included in the folder 'contrib' in the MHonArc
distribution file.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

Hello Gunnar,

I am attempting to setup your script, and am unclear about the following
three items. Your help is appreciated.

## Path to mbox file
$mbox = $mhonarc.'/mbox/demo';

## Path to resource file
$mrc = $mhonarc.'/demo.mrc';

## Full URL to main index file
$indexURL = '';



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