Re: Beginner General Questions

2003-07-26 07:49:20
Irubin Consulting wrote:
I followed your steps and created all the neccessary files. Another
question I have is regarding maillist.html file:

## Full URL to main index file
$indexURL = '';

Is this file created automatically or do I need to create it?

It will be created automatically when MHonArc is run successfully.
It's the main index file of the HTML archive.

I installed the application using 'perl' ...

I am also getting an error " did not return a true value"
when adding messages - (pass: test2003).

Hmm.. It seems as if the script successfully fetches messages from the POP account, and appends them to the mbox file, but the updatearchive() function fails when it tries to require

Can have been corrupted at installation? "did not return a true value" sounds to me as if you should check that the last line of is:


Since you installed MHonArc using the file, you have apparently shell access. Maybe Earl has some good idea how to find out what causes the error.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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