RE: Beginner General Questions

2003-07-26 01:49:03
Irubin Consulting wrote:
Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
You may want to have a look at a help script I wrote to make a
basic MHonArc set-up easier. It includes the option to have
MHonArc fetch the messages from a POP3 account.

The script is included in the folder 'contrib' in the MHonArc
distribution file.

I am attempting to setup your script, and am unclear about the
following three items. Your help is appreciated.

## Path to mbox file
$mbox = $mhonarc.'/mbox/demo';

## Path to resource file
$mrc = $mhonarc.'/demo.mrc';

## Full URL to main index file
$indexURL = '';

Unclear? In what way? I take for granted that you understand that the
original settings are examples.

Is it maybe the concatenation that confuses you? The starting-point
for some of the configuration variables is:

     ## Path to MHonArc program directory
     $mhonarc = '/www/htdocs/gunnar/cgi-bin/mhonarc';

That presupposes that the path to the program is:


So, this example setting:

     ## Path to mbox file
     $mbox = $mhonarc.'/mbox/demo';

suggests the creation of a subdirectory to the program directory:


and the creation of an (empty) file in that directory named 'demo'.

I don't know what else to say. You need to be much more specific about
what it is you are "unclear" about.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

Thanks again for your reply. I am getting closer ...

I followed your steps and created all the neccessary files. Another question
I have is regarding maillist.html file:

## Full URL to main index file
$indexURL = '';

Is this file created automatically or do I need to create it? I installed
the application using 'perl' ...

I am also getting an error " did not return a true value" when
adding messages - (pass:

Your help is very much appreciated.


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