Re: Beginner General Questions

2003-07-26 11:31:18
Earl Hood wrote:
A potential useful change to is to wrap the requiring
of in an eval block:

  eval {
    require '';
  if ($@) {
    die "Unable to require '': $(_at_)\n",
        "\(_at_)INC = (\n", join("\n", @INC), ")\n";

This way the value of @INC is dumped during the error so one gets an idea where to look for And, if the error indicates that was not found, then @INC can be examined to make sure $lib was set properly.

That sounds like a good idea. But in this case, considering the error message " did not return a true value", the problem can't reasonably be that wasn't found at all, can it?

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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