Re: CSS & MHonArc markup experiment

2004-03-08 03:38:39
On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 10:01, Ulrich Mayring wrote:
Daniel Schregenberger wrote:

So maybe we should go with the hype and use XML and XSLT to convert it
to whatever markup wanted? ;)

I would be in favor of that. Right now I had to hack the mhonarc sources 
in order to produce (relatively) well-formed XML. The main problem are 
invalid XML characters and &entities; and <invalidmarkup> in the mail 

Of course the XML/XSLT combination might be a bit slower, but it is 
vastly more flexible. The current templating system could be abolished 

Are there perl-modules for the transformation of XML/XSLT into the
target markup?
If not this might be a major problem. This would require mhonarc users
to have a standalone XSLT-Processor that has to be run after mhonarc
updated the DB. (Preferably only transforming changed documents)

Unfortunately you can't yet rely on the browser to do this

-- Daniel