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Re: [Nmh-workers] cannot get envelop sender address correct

2008-05-06 08:02:02
There certainly are plenty of ways for mortal users to
sidestep this prevention, of course.  But why should we
change the behavior of nmh when we don't need to?  It's easy
to change the default nmh configuration (to something that
many of us seem to use, anyway).

I guess my points were twofold: a) I think this capability/limitation
has almost no relevance in this day and age, and b) this
capability/limitation seems to get in the way of what users want to do
(that's what I'm hearing from some people).  Yes, users can solve the
problem in another way ... but I don't view that as a compelling
argument for not permitting this setting to be placed in someone's
.mh_profile.  If someone wanted to change the default to allow a user
to set draft_from from their .mh_profile and provide a
--enable-anal-retentive-sysadmin configure option, hey, I think that
would be great.

I suppose that I have a stronger inclination to maintain
existing behavior as much as possible.  Even if there's one
person out there who relies on that behavior, it's been
there for a long time and I see no compelling reason to
change it.  Especially when there's a simple alternative
that many of us already use.

Unless there's objection, I'll look into changing the default
configuration to enable masquerading.  (But not until next week,
at least.)


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