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[Nmh-workers] ;-style aliases?

2012-10-12 15:33:23

The alias file is supposed to support aliases with a semicolon
instead of the usual colon:

    alias ; address-group

to include the alias name along with each address.  So, this:

    nmhworkers; nmh-workers(_at_)nongnu(_dot_)org

expands to:

    nmhworkers <nmh-workers(_at_)nongnu(_dot_)org>

That works.  (The alias gets quoted if necessary.)  This doesn't:

    nmhworkers; nmhlist
    nmhlist: nmh-workers(_at_)nongnu(_dot_)org

That behaves the same as a :-style alias, so the alias name isn't
included in the expansion.

Unless someone knows of a use for these ;-style aliases, I
propose removing support for them.  Another possibility would be
to update (or remove) the documentation for the feature and
leave the code as-is.

Or someone could jump in and fix the code.  It's not a lot, but
it's beyond my tolerance for mutually recursive, stateful,
uncommented functions with two-character local variable names.

I looked at EXMH and MH-E and didn't find any uses of them.
EXMH has this TODO item:

    Provide support for editing "named" lists in aliases

but I'm not sure if that's the same thing.



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