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Re: [Nmh-workers] RFC 5322 group support

2013-12-03 12:47:30
I vote for just updating the documentation.  Because the
trailing semicolon isn't required, maybe we shouldn't call
it group support, just blind list?  And maybe that would
avoid Ralph's objection?

I'm not sure how to write some documentation here that is clear; I
prefer using RFC termology whenever possible, so I'd still like to
say "group".

Don't say "group", say "blind list".  It happens to look
like a group, but this is in a draft.

Ok, I see the problem now.  A blind-list was special-case handled in
the alias parser.  The group name was correctly removed, but the
trailing semicolon was included as part of the last alias, and
consequently never matched the alias later on in the file.  This
could be fixed by simply dropping the semicolon if we're in a blind
list, but I have to confess that updating the documentation was
obviously easier :-)

Here's why:

  Anyway, I was all set to allow and ignore semicolons at the
  end of aliases in lists.  But that would break the EXMH
  alias parser on what would then be valid expressions.



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