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Re: [Nmh-workers] Conflict between "mime" command and attach

2013-12-12 15:03:48

On Dec 12, 2013, at 12:56 PM, Ken Hornstein <kenh(_at_)pobox(_dot_)com> wrote:

How about if `#' was configurable and could be multiple characters?  And
that could further be overridden on a per-message basis by an

Hmm ... that just strikes me as too complicated.  I mean, it just feels
like the wrong thing.

What really needs to happen here is for all the commands to become MIME-aware.

Construction of messages would take place by actually inserting the MIME parts 
as per user directive.  The display of message content would reflect the 
current MIME structure.  It's a lot of work, but it's the only sane solution.  
And should be deferred to a 2.x release stream.

For the 1.x branch I would prefer to keep Ken locked up in the dungeon fixing 
up the MIME encoding issues ;-)


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