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Re: [Nmh-workers] Conflict between "mime" command and attach

2013-12-12 15:13:16
Whew!  Now that that's out of the way, I'll stick my neck out on what I'd like
to see...

The worst part to me (since attach was added) in nmh is reading MIME messages.

o  I'd like to eliminate mhlist, mhstore, and mhshow from the ui.

I can kind of get behind some of that ... those are obvious warts.  Although
it's not clear what replaces mhstore, since "storing part of message" isn't
quite a normal operation.  Okay, "show > file.foo" is common, but that
isn't quite appropriate for a MIME message.

o  I'd like to extend message numbers so that 432.1.2 would be part 1.2 of
   message number 432.

Hard right now ... m_convert() takes care of that, and "struct msgs" doesn't
know about MIME parts.  We'd have to figure out how to add that in there.
But, it is doable (parsing the syntax will make m_convert hairier).

o  I'd like a -mime option to scan that did a more compact (1 line) summary
   of each message part.

Hm.  Also doable, but would require some additional functionality on
the part of the format engine, and some additional heavy lifting on the
part of scan.  Also ... what would it look like?

o  I'd like the ability to show a message part.

You can do that now with mhshow ... I will note that Meillo's mmh just
replaced show with mhshow; that's probably the appropriate medium-term goal.

o  If it's not enough to show a message part and redirect the output to a
   file then there should be a -store option on show.

Hm, I'm still on the fence with getting rid of mhstore, because to me that's
a different function to showing.  But I don't have a strong feeling there.

o  There should be a -part option to show, and the ability to do next -part
   and prev -part, and alias support for nextp and prevp commands.

Ok, makes sense.  But again, would require some work.

o  I'd like to be able to override the default handling of a part when shown
   on the command line.

Sure, that makes sense.

o  Blasphemy!  I'd like to eliminate mhbuild from the ui even if it lives in
   the background.

I have no love for mhbuild, and like Lyndon says is in a later message, really
all of the commands need to become MIME-aware.  But we DO want to get 1.6
out the door eventually, right? :-)

o  I'd like to handle forw -mime and repl -mime using new nmh-private headers
   similar to the attach header.

Hm.  Think about what you really want to happen with repl -mime; I've found
that replyfilter serves my needs.  Replyfilter is a hack, certainly, but
a useful stopgap for now.

o  While it would be nice to be able to have mhbuild-like options on the 
   command, I don't think that they're really needed.  In the worst case, if a
   message is received that has the wrong mime-type, one can override that on
   the show command line (above).  Beats having to do it in an editor which is
   what happens today.

I would like to preserve the ability to have mhbuild directives or
something like them; I don't use it often, but being able to specify the
content of a MIME message exactly is actually a very cool feature.  I
know of no other MUA that can do that.


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