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Re: [nmh-workers] sendmail/pipe default config?

2019-10-19 16:19:36
I wrote:

verify_all_addresses() works for me with sendmail/pipe (on Linux).

That's because it (-whom) uses SMTP, as if sendmail/smtp was specified,
even if sendmail/pipe was specified.  I'll update the comments to
something like:

    /* Note that this will use fork and call sendmail directly,  using
       SMTP, (sendmail/smtp) even if sendmail/pipe is specified.
       Not using SMTP might not work because:
         Notice: -bv may give misleading output for non-privileged user */
    verify_all_addresses (1, eai, envelope, oauth_flag, auth_svc);

    if (msgflags & MVIS) {
        if (sm_mts != MTS_SENDMAIL_PIPE) {
            /* Addresses aren't verified with sendmail/pipe because
               spost didn't.  They could be because verify_all_address()
               uses SMTP, see above. */
            verify_all_addresses (verbose, eai, envelope, oauth_flag,
        post (tmpfil, 0, verbose, eai, envelope, oauth_flag, auth_svc);

Unless there's interest in enabling that verify_all_addresses() call
with sendmail/pipe?



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