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time delayed sending

2019-12-26 18:02:37

I find myself making todo notes for emails that I need to send after Jan. 1.
Because sending them now will just wind up in people's "dig out bucket", and
I actually want to pause a bit before sending things.

Do I want this for times other than Xmas?
I suspect it would useful for people who are trying to establish time
boundaries for when they expected to answer email: They could avoid posting
work email on the weekend (or outside 9-5) until the next work time period.

(and actually, this email should be in that list...)
This somehow fits into how I do Gettings Things Done.

I was thinking whether it was worth having some mechanism where I would write
an email, get it all ready to send (including GPG signing it in mh-e), but
keep in a numbered/dated draft directory and then send it on the appropriate 
I think that this would involve an alternate post program; I haven't thought
at all about how I'd control that.

   I just thought I'd ask if there were other people who
   might have such a need

On a related (organizationally, but technically probably orthogonal) note, I
have been thinking that it would be nice if nmh supported responding to
Disposition-Notification-To: headers somehow.

What I also really want is to be able to mark an email as needing responding
to, and to keep the outgoing content in some list (a folder with a -link to
+outgoing) as having been not responded to.  If I keep the outgoing email in
my inbox, it kinda works, but then it clutters my inbox :-)

Ideally, the acknowledgement to the Disposition-Notification-To would get
matched back to that email, but also any incoming In-Reply-To/References
would linked up.  Basically, I want TCP ACKs for email.
It would also be nice if I could better link up bounce messages so that
stuff in my "Waiting for Others" list could bump back up.

Gmail does this right.  (Maybe Thunderbird does too now)
But, if I wanted to use a search engine in a browser for my email, I'd be
doing that :-)

ps: I've been watching a ton of youtube videos from the 8-bit guy.
    http://www.the8bitguy.com/ many of you are of a similar technical age as
    me.  I am considering whether teaching my 14-year old programming on the
    C-64 would make sense.

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