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Re: time delayed sending

2019-12-27 09:28:27

Ralph Corderoy <ralph@inputplus.co.uk> wrote:
    >> I find myself making todo notes for emails that I need to send after
    >> Jan. 1.
    > ...
    >> I was thinking whether it was worth having some mechanism where I
    >> would write an email, get it all ready to send (including GPG signing
    >> it in mh-e), but keep in a numbered/dated draft directory and then
    >> send it on the appropriate day.  I think that this would involve an
    >> alternate post program; I haven't thought at all about how I'd control
    >> that.

    > I occasionally do this by combing at(1) with mhmail(1) or send(1).  MH
    > is designed to integrate with the Unix shell so instead of MH growing
    > features, I'd initially look more at combining cron(8) with a shell
    > script that sends email whose time has come.  Perhaps that's detected
    > by the name of the draft folder where they reside, or a header that's
    > --searched for with pick(1).

That's where I was going.
I would use a custom post that looked for some header, and if found, would
move the outgoing email to some directory.
A cronjob would for f in SOMEDIR/`date +something`/*; do post <$f; done.

    >> On a related (organizationally, but technically probably orthogonal)
    >> note, I have been thinking that it would be nice if nmh supported
    >> responding to Disposition-Notification-To: headers somehow.

    > https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8098#section-2

Yes, I knew how it worked.
We don't offer any way to respond, and I'd like to be able to optionally
respond :-)

    >> What I also really want is to be able to mark an email as needing
    >> responding to, and to keep the outgoing content in some list (a folder
    >> with a -link to +outgoing) as having been not responded to.  If I keep
    >> the outgoing email in my inbox, it kinda works, but then it clutters
    >> my inbox :-)
    >> Ideally, the acknowledgement to the Disposition-Notification-To would
    >> get matched back to that email, but also any incoming
    >> In-Reply-To/References would linked up.  Basically, I want TCP ACKs
    >> for email.  It would also be nice if I could better link up bounce
    >> messages so that stuff in my "Waiting for Others" list could bump back
    >> up.

    > What do you mean by ‘bounce messages’?  I don't see how what I think of
    > as bounces would fit in.

If you mis-address an email, then you get an email back from postmaster
saying so.  The problem is that there are also lots of spammer who forge
origin addresses, and so for years (decades...) 99% of email from postmaster
is spam backscatter, and one tends to skip it.

I want to re-associate the bounce back to the message I sent, particularly if
it's one that I marked for "reliable" email.

That would be a clear user-level NAK, which means I need to figure out what 
Otherwise, I'm just waiting wondering why the other person hasn't answered
yet.  And I for instance, sometimes take a month to answer an important, but
not urgent query.

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