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Re: time delayed sending

2019-12-27 14:14:44
Ken Hornstein <kenh@pobox.com> wrote:
    >> One of the things I think we lack of a message-ID -> message map.  We
    >> have discussed ways to store per-message meta-data outside of the
    >> message file many times, and I don't think we ever came to a
    >> conclusion here.

    > Weeellll ... I mean, we have the command-line INTERFACE for that, I
    > think; pick(1) seems like the obvious answer.  Sure, right NOW it

okay. But, I want it to operate across "all" folders.
I realize that the definition of "all" is pretty loose.
So I'll say everything in ~/Mail

    > trawls through every message in a folder, but there's no reason it
    > couldn't look at some kind of metadata index.  Paul Vixie wrote
    > something like that a while ago.
I'd like it to look through a database in the local folder if it's not
in ~/Mail, and otherwise look in ~/Mail.

I am open to logic like, look up the file system for ../.MAGIC until you find
it so that one can do stuff like:
   mv ~/Mail /otherdisk/oldstuff/y2009

but then you also think you might like it to look through a $PATH of files

There are two things that matter:
1) updating the reference in the right place when moving/filing messages. 
2) where pick --message-id will look.

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