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Rant about spamgard (off-topic)

1997-09-30 15:50:55
There is this guy reading this list whose "From:" address mentions
that his mail is protected by spamguard. Since he has \<mail\> in
his from header, it is getting caught by ^FROM_MAILER and his
posts are getting filed with my bounces & what not, instead of
with this list. I tried to send him amil about it, but he has
some stupid fucking guessing game to figure out what to do. Why
the hell he doesn't just direct all of his mail into /dev/null,
I have no idea.

I /dev/null dupes, no need to CC list posts.  It is not my responsibility to
prove to you my mail is not spam, if mail to you bounces it will not be resent.

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