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Re: Rant about spamgard (off-topic)

1997-10-01 02:14:06
William J. Evans; mail protected by spamgard{tm} writes on 30 September 1997 at 
:                                         Since he has \<mail\> in
:his from header, it is getting caught by ^FROM_MAILER and his
:posts are getting filed with my bounces & what not, instead of
:with this list.

What I don't understand at this point is whether Eli considers this a
problem of his, or a problem of mine.

mostly a problem of've done something rather
out-of-the-ordinary (put "mail" in your From: header) which causes
something quite normal (^FROM_DAEMON) to match when it shouldn't.

Whether or not ^FROM_DAEMON *should* match the header
   From: wje(_at_)netcom(_dot_)com (William J. Evans; mail protected by 
is another issue...

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