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Installing procmail

1997-10-15 11:30:19

        Hi all, procmail gurus.

        I'm sure this is an easy question... sorry... 0:-)

        I've been trying to install the last version of procmail on a unix
computer with OSF2 as SO. In this computer I have an account of 5000
blocks (I'm not root), so I'm trying to install procmail in order to use
it for personal purposes only.

        Then I send messages to my account, but the messages disappear.
That is, neither I receive the message, nor I receive a reply from the
mailer daemon, saying that something went wrong, or something similar
        This is what I've done:

        -In config.h:

        #define ETCRC    "$HOME/.procmailrc"

        - In Makefile:

        BASENAME   =/users2/alum/jg6881/procmail

        I've checked the location of sh, sendmail, etc. I didn't have to
change anything about that.

        Then I execute "make install", and two directories are created:
$HOME/procmail/bin and $HOME/procmail/man. Apparently successful, with
no error messages. Then...

        - I included a .forward file in my $HOME with the following
content, in a single line:

| IFS=' ' && exec /users2/alum/jg6881/procmail/bin/procmail -f- || exit 75

        And then I put in my root directory the .procmailrc that I'm using
successfully in another unix system.

        Results? The messages get lost.

        Again, sorry if the level of this mail is very basic, but I would
like to solve this problem. I know every unix system is a different world,
but maybe some of you had the same problem and can help me to solve it.

        Thanks in advance.

Jordi Garcia Busquets                     
University of Girona. Catalunya. Spain 

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