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Procmail question (Please email me direct)

1997-10-15 16:30:52

I've been struggling to write a procmail filter to work with spam mail.   
Here's the rules that I'd like to have in it:

1) If it's got my email address in the To: field, write it to my mailfile.
2) If it's got an address in my '.allowlist' file, then write it to my    
3) If it's got any other address, write it to my '.spam' file.

The problem I have been having is that I cannot figure out how to setup   
basically an If and Then statement.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I am not on this list, so please email me directly!

* Bryan Davis                         Also Known As:  Fireball      * 
* shadows(_at_)execpc(_dot_)com                  Amateur Radio Callsign:       
*                        KB9OBP  * 

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