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Re: get rid of 'From '-"Header"

2001-06-29 18:22:10
Philip wrote,

| Your description of raw mode is not quite accurate.

Apparently it was far off the mark.  Thank you for the straight dope.

| The 'r' flag tells procmail to _not_ do four things:
| 1) put a '>' before any line in the body that starts with "From "
| 2) add a single newline to the end if it doesn't end in two newlines
| 3) force an access time earlier than the modification time
| 4) if configured with custom message delimiters (ala MMDF)
|    write those out before and after the message itself

So the absence of `r' never makes procmail add a From_ line if there isn't
one already there, even for delivery to an mbox?

| By default, procmail does all of those when writing to an mbox-style
| folder.  When writing to other folder styles or to a pipe, procmail
| automatically disables some of those.  In particular, when writing to a...
| pipe,                 only do (2)
| MH folder,            only do (2)
| directory folder,     only do (2)
| maildir,              do none of them
| So yes, the 'r' flag has no effect when writing to a maildir.

What happens when procmail writes to a filter or does a variable capture?
Are all four left undone?

| ...  it would be nice to have a flag (R?  F?) that would disable it for
| other cases.

| For now you have to use the
|       formail -b -I"From "
| bit.  (The -b flag tells formail to not escape embeded "From " lines.)

| Note that whether the message starts with a leading "From " line is yet
| another point to consider.  The message being processed by procmail will
| initially have such a line if
| a) the message fed to procmail had one, OR
| b) procmail was invoked with the -f flag, OR
| c) procmail is in delivery mode (invoked with the -d flag, the -z flag,
|    or via a name that doesn't start with procmail)

So, once procmail opens an rcfile for a message with no From_ line, it
never automatically adds one for delivery, even to an mbox?

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