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Re: Procmail died...

2001-08-03 02:35:50
Well here's what I have...

Aug  3 05:12:31 r2d2 procmail[2064]: Attempt to fake stamp by "timh"
Aug  3 05:12:31 r2d2 procmail[2064]: Suspicious rcfile
Aug  3 05:12:52 r2d2 procmail[2089]: Suspicious rcfile

Basically that's scattered through out /var/log/mail/errors.  And it
appears that it didn't start doing that until I updated procmail.

Running the other task you mentioned, I get this output.

[timh(_at_)r2d2 timh]$ procmail </dev/null 
procmail: Suspicious rcfile "/home/timh/.procmailrc"
procmail: Couldn't read "/home/timh/.procmailrc"

However it doesn't seem to complain as the root user.

[root(_at_)r2d2 mail]# procmail </dev/null

But for another user on the box I do get a complaint.

[erice(_at_)r2d2 erice]$
procmail </dev/null
procmail: Suspicious rcfile "/home/erice/.procmailrc"
procmail: Couldn't read "/home/erice/.procmailrc"

But now that I look, the root user doesn't have a .procmailrc, so that
may be why it's not causing problems.  I moved the rc file and then ran
the command again, and nothing returned.

Looking at for Postfix, the only lines in there about procmail
are as follows.

[timh(_at_)r2d2 postfix]$ grep procmail * = /some/where/procmail = /some/where/procmail -a "$EXTENSION" = /usr/bin/procmail -o -a $DOMAIN -d $LOGNAME

The only one that's not commented out appears to be correct.

To answer another question, I used the .forward idea only AFTER I
couldn't get procmail to work.  It worked in once place I thought trying
it here would help me out. But it didn't.

Currently I have no .forward, and I've toyed with the idea of going to
Qmail on my FreeBSD box, I've not actually done it on our network.

T. Holmes
"Real Men Use Vi!"

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| Tim Holmes <tim(_at_)unixtechs(_dot_)org> writes:
| >Well I know the PATH=`which procmail` works.  It's being used on another
| >machine that uses procmail and there aren't any problems.  Basically it
| >runs which procmail when it asks for where procmail is located.  (I was
| >doing a lot of shell scripting at the time, that's why I used that.)
| >
| >[timh(_at_)yoda timh]$ echo "`which procmail`"
| >/usr/local/bin/procmail
| >
| >So when it looks for procmail it will get that.  I know that's not the
| >problem, like I said I have it running like that at 6 different
| >locations and it works fine.  As well as it was set like that when I set
| >up that .procmailrc, when it was working.
| Let's back up a second and see how the shell interpretes the PATH
| variable.  Quoting the sh(1) manpage:
|      PATH       A colon separated list of directories that are searched when
|                 looking for commands and .'d files.  An empty string resulting
|                 from a leading or trailing colon, or two adjacent colons, is
|                 treated as a ``.'', the current directory.
| Okay, that seems to match with procmail's default setting:
| $ procmail DEFAULT=/dev/null LOG='$PATH' /dev/null </dev/null; echo
| /home/users/guenther/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin
| $
| Now compare that to the value returned by "which procmail".  "which"
| returns the path to a single file, not a directory.  As a result, after
| that assignment only can invoke commands using their full path.  Yeah,
| you can use "$PATH" to invoke procmail now, but you would get the *exact*
| same result by removing the assignment and just invoking "procmail".
| Same procmail binary and it won't confuse the bejeesus out of everyone
| to whom you describe your .procmailrc.
| Besides, the "which" command on many systems is a hairy C-shell script
| that looks for aliases and other bogus things.  It can output more text
| than just the path to the specified command, in which case you wouldn't
| even be able to use $PATH to invoke procmail!  It's a lose-lose situation.
| In your first message you wrote:
| >The machine is a Mandrake 8.0 machine.  It appears that Postfix is
| >configured to automatically send mail through procmail.  I have procmail
| >running and working fine on a RedHat 7.1 machine and a FreeBSD machine.
| >(I had to create a .forward for FreeBSD, but it works fine.)  Can
| >anybody advise or provide any idea of where to look?  Thank you!
| Does anything related to procmail appear in the maillog?  Does procmail
| output any errors when you type "procmail </dev/null"?  Do postfix's
| logfiles say anything useful?
| If procmail operates correctly when invoked from the command line,
| then either:
| a) the MTA or its configuration is broken, or
| b) the user-specific configuration that tells the MTA to invoke procmail
|    (e.g., .forward file or .qmail file) is incorrect in some way.
| Philip Guenther
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