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Re: Delivering a copy of a message to anothers INBOX

2001-08-20 10:30:04
So sprach »Louis LeBlanc« am 2001-08-20 um 11:45:51 -0400 :
So does this perform a 'forward' or a 'bounce'.  I have to admit I


don't understand all the implications of either, but I know the bounce
is 'cleaner' for lack of a better one word description.

Generally, a "bounce" keeps all (or at least as much as possible) of the
headers the way they were in the original.  In particular, it does not
modify the From: and maybe also not the Received: header lines.  This
does make the message look as if it were not from you but in fact from
the original sender.

"Forward"ing a message basically creates a copy of the message and mails
it.  This mail then has all the headers it normally has when you compose
a new message.

Alexander Skwar
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