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Re: bogus(?) ^From_ line

2002-07-05 17:49:57
Bart, et al --

...and then Bart Schaefer said...
% On Fri, 5 Jul 2002, David T-G wrote:
% > On the new box, .forward is ignored and so I deliver via a .qmail file
% Sendmail creates a "From " line before invoking the .forward file.  Qmail

That sounds familiar.

% doesn't create "From " lines at all, ever, because it expects final 

That makes sense.  They used to be there, though; that's what's

% delivery to be in maildir format (one message per file).

Of course :-)

% To find the stuff that used to be in the From line, you'll have to look
% elsewhere, perhaps e.g. the Delivered-To: header.

Yeah.  But it means rewriting all of those rules :-(

Thanks & HAND

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