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Re: If you use AOL or Yahoo, it's time to find a new ISP

2006-02-09 15:14:53
On 09 Feb 2006, at 09:09 , Curtis Maurand wrote:
which has a link to an updated article that stated that they (AOL)  
continue their enhanced whitelist service.

"After fielding criticism from e-mail senders and other stakeholders  
for its plan to eliminate its free, merit-based whitelist, America  
Online has reversed its earlier decision and will continue to offer  
its Enhanced Whitelist in addition to its new CertifiedEmail service."

which is slightly different than how you stated it, which at least  
implied this was always the case.

If it wasn't for the pirates, I bet Star Wars: Ep III would have made  
$50 million its first DAY!

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