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Re: Cutting to the chase?

2006-02-15 05:38:16
On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 09:54:16AM -0600, David W. Tamkin wrote:

Michael Bluejay wrote:

Maybe it's possible to turn logging on and off as the file is
processed?  Like maybe:




Yes, of course.  I'd guess that more of us have VERBOSE off by
default and do just the opposite to have it on for a small part
of the rcfile and then off again, but it works for either model.
You can turn it off and on as many times as you like.  Just watch
the logic flow so that it doesn't get stuck in one state but the
line to reverse it gets skipped.

Not only that, but he can change the LOGFILE as many times as
he wants, or change it briefly to /dev/null.  One could save
these probably-unneeded logs to /var/tmp or something, using
dates for filenames, and delete them periodically with cron.
For example.

dman (who was mildly annoyed with Michael's repeated "it's probably
      not possible" statements, since of course it's both possible
      and easy, but who otherwise has no complaints about the thread) :-)

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