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Re: fetchmail to procmail to smtp server

2007-01-17 19:10:49
On 1/15/07, Don Russell <don(_at_)drussell(_dot_)dnsalias(_dot_)com> wrote:

Paul Goodyear wrote:
> Thanks.
> I have just built a Ubuntu Server with fetchmail, procmail, dove imap,
> razor spam, spamassassin, clamav and its pulling all the work emails
> in from various servers etc etc.
> I would also like to grab some of my personal emails via pop3 to this
> server too, so all the emails will be checked for spam and virus' etc
> and then I would like these emails sent to another server after they
> have been checked.

And that "other server" can't simply be a new e-mail address? That won't
change the To: RFC822 headers if that is a concern.

Not really.

> so I a spoke rule would be
> 1. Grab emails from ISP (POP3)
> 2. Check Whitelist
> 3. Check Razor Spam
> 4. Check SpamAssassin
> 5. Check ClamAV
> 6. If email is (To: me(_at_)thisdomain(_dot_)com 
>     SMTP Forward/Relay to mailserver2
> 7. mailserver2 will then accept this email.

As long as mailserver2 (step7) is not one of the servers polled in step
1, I don't see a problem. Do you have control over "mailserver2"? If so,
you could configure it to only accept mail from your server that
performs steps 1-6 above.

That would ensure that "mailserver2" only has messages that were
filtered by your steps 1-6 above.

mailserver 1 does its only emails, and mailserver2 the others. I just want
to grab some emails (pop3) from the first mail server, forward to the second
mailserver, so that the email can be processed by mailserver1's procmail
rules (i.e. Razor Spam, SA and ClamAV.)
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