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Re: Maillist problem

2008-05-07 11:05:42
Hi Sean!

Thank you for your answer.
Mantra: Procmail is not an MTA.  It is an LDA.

I know - the subject is a little bit missleading.
I am generating the mailgroups of our Red Cross Organisation out
of a mysql database once a night, and than let procmail read the
.txt files for delivering the group mails.
I don't find another comfortable solution for that until now.
Why not configure the MTA to deliver to the individual users?

----------------- from .procmailrc -----------
:0 c
* ^(To|Cc|Bcc):(_dot_)*test(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xx
! `cat /home/verteiler/gruppen/test.txt`
:0 c
* ^(To|Cc|Bcc):(_dot_)*erstehilfe(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xx
! `cat /home/verteiler/gruppen/erstehilfe.txt`
:0 c
* ^(To|Cc|Bcc):(_dot_)*rufhilfe144(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xx
! `cat /home/verteiler/gruppen/l_rufhilfe144.txt`

The Bcc header will almost NEVER appear on a message. What MTA are you using? I'd check to see if there's a specific header you can rely on for indicating who a message has actually been delivered to. A not uncommon additional header to configure an MTA to insert is X-Envelope-To:

Yes you are right with the bcc header - thats nonsense - i didn't realized that.
I am using postfix as MTA
If you're writing to files, you should add the locking flag on the flags line on each of those.

You should check out the ^TO_ macro (see 'man procmailrc')

I'll don't know the purpose of the locking flags, I'll check that.

! is a FORWARD operator. This should invoke the $SENDMAIL process. Instead, you should be using something more like (note the dot in the domain portion is escaped):

:0 c:
* ^TO_rufhilfe144(_at_)xxx\(_dot_)xx

Ok - I changed that, thank you.

(as a reformat of what you're presently using, though this doesn't address your misuse of Procmail as an MTA).

The problem is that if you
use "erstehilfe(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xx, rufhilfe144(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xx" in the To 
of a mail every recipient gets the mail twice (because the script
is called twice for rufhilfe144 and erstehilfe)

More correctly, it gets called once for each of the specified local recipients.
Yes you are definitly right here - what i don't understand is, that I switched the server from Suse Linux 10.1 to Ubuntu 8.04 - the postfix configuration and the procmail scripts are the same > it is
curious that I didn't face the same problem before ....

To sum it up:
You think I should let postfix do the group delivery and not procmail  - or
is there a way to avoid double sending of the same mail to the same recipient?

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