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Re: Maillist problem

2008-05-07 12:36:38
At 20:04 2008-05-07 +0200, Martin Hochreiter wrote:
I'll don't know the purpose of the locking flags, I'll check that.

Two messages come in at the same time and are handled concurrently.  What 
happens when you have concurrent non-atomic file writes?

You think I should let postfix do the group delivery and not

Yes, I think your MTA should be configured to handle aliases for each 
recipient, rather than trying to force them all through one account.

is there a way to avoid double sending of the same mail to the same recipient?

I still maintain that the MTA is the correct place (plus, it's the ONLY 
place assured to know the envelope data), but check out 'man procmailex' - 
specifically, the use of formail to maintain a cache of messageids.  If you 
used that on each of those forwards, you'd at least avoid sending the same 
message to each person more than once (though anyone who received a copy 
via BCC would still never get it unless your MTA is inserting additional 
headers where that address would appear as a recipient).  For EACH 
recipient user:


* ^TO_rufhilfe144(_at_)xxx\(_dot_)xx
| formail -rD 8192 rufhilfe144.cache


You could put a formail cache check at the top of your rcfile to avoid 
dupes altogether, but if your MTA is actually identifying the individual 
recipients in a header on EACH message, doing the above would ensure that 
if someone WERE identified on a BCC, they should get their message, even if 
the other copies (which would bear the same messageid) didn't report their 
address.  it's all a matter of whether your MTA identifies the recipient or 

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