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Can *^From.*(foo(_at_)bar) be confused?

2009-02-28 02:19:44

I've been using procmail for a couple of years and it has been brilliant. However, just recently it has been behaving oddly.

Essentially, I have added a simple filter of the form:


I was expecting it match any email with "foo(_at_)bar" in the From: line. Normally, this works fine and I have dozens of perfectly good examples. However, in this case foo(_at_)bar is my local email address and I am finding that if I receive emails with the first line that reads

Return-Path: <foo(_at_)bar>

these are being matched by the filter even when the From: line does not contain 

What am I going wrong, is this a design feature or a bug?

Any advise would be appreciated.

Antony McLellan

I have  confused by a Return-Path: <amclellan1(_at_)gofast(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk>


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