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Filter Oddity

2010-04-12 03:39:19
Hello All,

On my small family mailserver on a Fedora 11 machine /etc/procmailrc
deals with incoming mail collected by fetchmail. Anything unmolested by
clamav or spamassassin gets passed on to the small number of users.

In my user area I further filter into (mbox) folders for more organised
reading. This all works just fine.... ...except for one rule.

* ^From .*(|(b2e-(resourcing|solutions)))

In this I get mail from 2 agencies. In one all mail comes from contacts
with a someone(_at_)dickensnetwork(_dot_)org(_dot_)uk address, and in the other 
they have
either a someone(_at_)b2e-resourcing(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk or a
someonelse(_at_)b2e-solutions(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk address.

The Dickens one works fine, but anything from B2e just falls through to
my Inbox.

Now, here's the odd thing...

I have a sandbox set up based on Sean Straw's (OK, shamelessly copied
exactly from Sean Straw's) sandbox concept, and when I run a message
from B2e through that, it hits the rule!

procmail: No match on 
procmail: No match on 
procmail: No match on "^From 
[snip lots of other fails...]
procmail: Match on "^From 
procmail: Locking "Misc/Agencies.lock"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=Misc/Agencies"
procmail: Opening "Misc/Agencies"
procmail: Acquiring kernel-lock
procmail: Unlocking "Misc/Agencies.lock"
From a(_dot_)contact(_at_)b2e-resourcing(_dot_)ccsend(_dot_)com Sun Apr 11 
09:24:06 2010
 Subject: [B2E-R_Cons_Net]  Want to get ITIL v3 Foundation Qualification?
  Folder: Misc/Agencies                                                    20175

And this is true whether I am using a copy of the filter or pointing the
sandbox directly at the live filter.

And here's another odd thing...

If I re-inject the same message back into my live mail stream 
formail -s procmail  < testmsg.txt
it gets gets filtered correctly!

Am I missing something blindingly obvious (quite likely) or is my
machine infested with evil gremlins?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions...


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