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Re: [pro] Re: Filter Oddity

2010-04-12 15:02:53
On Mon, 12 Apr 2010, Professional Software Engineering wrote:
There is no guarantee that the sender's envelope is actually the same as the "From:" header. And there isn't even any guarantee that the envelope sender is a 'From' line. On my postfix it is 'Return-Path'....

As the OP is using the From_, not From: and getting results, it is clear their MTA is producing a From_ when passing the messages to the LDA.

Okay, I'm *really* regretting having 'snipped' so much of the OP's message. I could have *sworn* that the original post had a colon (From:).
I mean, that's the FIRST elementary mistake to check for..... :)

Perhaps the OP 'retyped' his rule into his post, rather than quote it from the procmailrc file? Mind you, that makes me wonder how 'From ' managed to match on his tests..... :)

I'm not debating that your observation of QP is correct - it's just that I haven't seen it myself.

Perhaps procmail is kind enough to decode before running headers through its recipes. But this 'bug' makes a real mystery of similarly 'failed' spamassassin rule checks.... The synptoms (with a ':') are identical.

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