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Re: John Levine says: SPF Loses Mindshare?

2005-08-02 22:03:08
if you have any control over the mail server, you could add a port on which the mail server will also listen in addition to port 25 then simply change the smtp port in the email app your Dad uses, to the port you specified on the mail server.

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On Tue, 2 Aug 2005, wayne wrote:

    At about the same time, Earthlink equally quietly removed the SPF
    records they'd been publishing for at least a year. That was
    particularly surprising because SPF originator Meng Wong had been
    working with Earthlink to get their SPF set up. If Meng can't make
    SPF work, who can?

Yeah, and when they removed their records, my mail started bouncing
because I was including earthlink.net so my Dad's email would pass.

But that made me set up a VPN so my Dad could submit email through
an authorized server without using earthlink SMTP servers.

I get a lot of earthlink.net forgeries, and they are now back to
the three strikes policy:

2005Jul31 12:08:28 [105565] connect from [] at ('', 3461) EXTERNAL DYN
2005Jul31 12:08:30 [105565] hello from evafan.com
2005Jul31 12:08:31 [105565] mail from <mmc(_at_)earthlink(_dot_)com> ()
2005Jul31 12:08:32 [105565] REJECT: no PTR, HELO or SPF

Real earthlink.net mail will usually match best_guess.

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