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RE: Earthlink Says Sender ID Not Ready for Prime Time

2005-08-08 17:51:10
From: Stuart D. Gathman
Sent: Friday, August 05, 2005 10:11 PM


Incorrect.  The $10 to $15 a year service from dsnmadeeasy (and
lots of other
providers) includes relaying the mail on any desired port to your server.
In fact, their Ad specifically says, "run your own mail server even
when your ISP blocks incoming port 25."

Yes, you're quite right.  They relay to non-standard ports, so you really
can run your own server despite your ISP's port blocking.  I wonder how this
works for rejecting at SMTP time?  Hopefully this is more than a simple
relay where they accept the message and pass it on to you.  If they perform
the relay "on-the-fly" so when you reject, the sender gets the rejection
instead of their relay, that's quite a useful service.  Since they also
provide dynamic DNS, you could even do this from a dynamic IP.  I don't
imagine ISP's would care for this, but they probably wouldn't notice so long
as you keep your box from getting rooted and some of their IP space gets
blacklisted.  Very interesting concept for people who are capable but
without cheap connectivity.


Seth Goodman