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Re: We are *not* required to migrate to type99 SPF DNS RRs

2005-08-12 12:39:04
johnp wrote:

It is up to a publisher to check the records he includes
so that he knows if it is likely to work or not

Yes.  And it doesn't work if you try only -q=txt for the
included policy, NONE is reported as PermError.

include using ?include: so that it doesn't kill off his
whole record.

Doesn't help, if an include reports NONE or PermError the
overall result is PermError, the qualifier (+, -, ?, ~)
is only respected for an "included" PASS.

Similar an "included" TempError is always a TempError, no
matter what the qualifier says.

If I got it right Florian (and maybe also Julian) want to
change this behaviour for NONE, and I argued to keep it as
it is for NXDOMAIN (most probably typos), but at least for
PermError and TempError it will stay as it is.

                        Bye, Frank