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RE: The problems with SPF

2005-08-26 08:23:55
Dan Field writes:
Yes, forwarding is the problem and it is SPF that has highlighted the 
problem... but it is a problem that is very deep routed now, after years of 
people using the system the way they want to.  Even though it may be 
technically wrong I can't see a large majority of people changing. 

Forwarding is NOT "technically wrong."  How to do it is described in
RFC 1123, which says that except for the envelope RCPT TO address, the
envelope is unchanged.

If you want it to *become* technically wrong, start an RFC process to
make it so.  Until you succeed in getting that RFC accepted, please
stop misrepresenting what is valid now.

Dick St.Peters, stpeters(_at_)NetHeaven(_dot_)com