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Re: [spf-discuss] Phishing passing thru spf = not useful to me.

2007-04-14 12:53:36
On Saturday 14 April 2007 15:45, Adrian de los Santos wrote:
Phisinhg is hitting the accounts of my servers, and this is because
spf only checks the envelope-from of the mail transaction and not the
From: in the data transaction, so the spammers/fhishers are using a
different from data

In the From: of the data transaction they have mail accounts from
financial institutions (and it does not matter that the domain of the
bank has spf enabled, the current implementations of sfp does not
check the from: of the data transaction).

There is any implementation of spf that checks the from of the data
transaction ?

Not that is actually useful.  There are valid reasons for Mail From and From 
to be different (look at the header of the e-mail for example).

How can i prevent forged froms on the data transaction ?

This is a difficult problem.  SPF is only a part of the solution to a bigger 

What MTA are you using?  We might be able to suggestion specifics.

Scott K

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