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Re: [spf-discuss] Phishing passing thru spf = not useful to me.

2007-04-14 14:58:58
On Sat, 14 Apr 2007, Adrian de los Santos wrote:

There is any implementation of spf that checks the from of the data  
transaction ?

No.  Sender-ID could have been, but it checks some random header chosen
by the spammer.  (Well not random, but using a patented algorithm.)

How can i prevent forged froms on the data transaction ?

Use DKIM.  This requires the sender to sign their headers, and publish
a public key in DNS.

However, SPF will indirectly suppress forged From if you track MAIL FROM
reputation like I do, and start rejecting the senders that source a lot of

I will admit, my quarantine is full of a lot of messages MAIL FROM
randomlocalpart(_at_)spammerdomain(_dot_)biz(_dot_)  So I may invent something 
SPF like
to protect just my own From: domains on my own servers.  DKIM is too
heavyweight for that purpose.

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