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Re: [spf-discuss] Phishing passing thru spf = not useful to me.

2007-04-14 21:05:38
On Saturday 14 April 2007 23:59, Adrian de los Santos wrote:
There is any implementation of spf that checks the from of the data
transaction ?

Not that is actually useful.  There are valid reasons for Mail From
and From
to be different (look at the header of the e-mail for example).

How can i prevent forged froms on the data transaction ?

This is a difficult problem.  SPF is only a part of the solution to
a bigger

What MTA are you using?  We might be able to suggestion specifics.


With Postfix, in order to look at body data like From, you are either needing 
a content filter/smtp proxy solution or a milter.  You ought to talk to 
Stuart about his reputation work he mentioned.  It's done in a milter that 
with minimal modifications should work with Postfix 2.3 or higher.  

Scott K

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