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Re: [spf-discuss] Phishing passing thru spf = not useful to me.

2007-04-19 20:43:51

After 4 days of my original question (how to prevent phising that uses fake From information) and reading all the answers and doing my own research, i can say that:

- There is no working tool that prevents or authenticates internet mail (domain keys, spf, sender-id, etc.)

- There is nothing useful commercial or open source that prevents phishing

- The problem it's not in the tools, the protocol itself SMTP was never designed to prevent this from happening and the protocol itself needs to be redone, it was good 10+ years ago, now it just look silly that anyone can forge an email message and there is no real way to prevent it. Instead of wasting time and effort trying to solve problems created by the protocol why not redesign the protocol ??? who is doing that ???

Thanks for your comments..

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