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[spf-discuss] Re: Upcoming new test-suite release

2007-12-06 15:53:23
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Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Julian Mehnle wrote:
But what are the chances of an implementation throwing PermError on
"a:museum" but not on "a:museum."?

This is a test suite.  Such considerations do not apply.

Oh, I think they do.  Maintainability and leanness do matter.  They're 
just not top priorities.

Ideally, all bizarre wrong behaviour should be flagged.  In practice, we
can't hit it all. But deliberately throwing out a case we actually
thought of, just because we feel no one would make that mistake, is a
silly mistake.  The very act of making *that* silly mistake will cause
someone else to make the other mistake, via a quantum mechanical
application of Murphy's Law.

I don't follow entirely ;-) ...

I'll go ahead and add the trailing dot case, if you are *sure* that
both should be permerror.  The inconsistency is very ugly, but I
suppose it can't be helped.  At least these are corner cases.

... but I don't have a problem with adding it if others think it is 
useful.  Please do go ahead.  I am 100% certain that both "museum" and
"museum." are NOT valid <domain-spec>s per RFC 4408.

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