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RE: Static type-checker

2005-11-18 09:09:48
Michael Kay wrote:

One also has to be careful not to be too aggressive in
type inferencing, particularly with this situation where
the expression is "void" (guaranteed to return nothing)
rather than actually being erroneous.

  Yes.  It's why, I guess, Saxon emits warnings instead of
treating them as errors.  Actually, I was surprised when I
looked for the option to pass to Saxon to activate the
static type-checks, because it needs no option.

  IMHO, it could be intresting to have a set of warning
options, for example to toggle warnings on these "void"
expressions, or to treat warnings as errors, or to toggle
other kind of warning.  Like the C++ front-end of GCC (and
others) has a plethora of warning-related options.

  PS: Maybe this discussion has to go on the Saxon ML.  I
don't know.




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